should happen to my uncle! or what if I shou▓ld get sick and be unable to teach! Oh, the res●t and security that you brought to me!” Wh●at I replied—a mass of broken sentenc●es—was too incoherent to bear

recording.▓ “And then, the mere physical▓ fatigue—day after day, work, work, work, ●and never any respite.Of course,● every body has to work, but almost ▓every body has a holiday now and then; and I ne▓ver had a single day that I ●could call all my own.In winter it w▓as hardest.No matter how tired I was, I● had to be up and off giving les●sons even if the snow was ankl●e deep.And the ice in the river mad▓e it such hard work getting to ●Hoboken, made the journey so very long.I had▓ to do the housework too, yo●u know.We couldn’t afford to keep a ser▓vant, on account of the money we had to send● abroad.When I would come home all fagg

ed ou●t I had to clean the rooms and cook the d●inner; though I am afraid that sometim●es I did not more than half do my duty.S●ometimes I would let the dust lie for a week● on the mantle-piece.And every d●ay was just the same as the day that had ▓gone before.It was like traveling ▓in a circle.When I would go to be●d at night my weariness would be all the harde▓r because of the thought, ‘To-morrow will be ju▓st the same, the same round of lesso

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